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Better by nature

Supplier of decorative materials, that's Spectra Deco in a nutshell. But with that description we would sell ourself short. We import natural, dried exotic materials from around the world, for the trendy decoration of floral arrangements, tables, display windows or other interior elements.

With a nose for trends

We don’t just import, we also search for new materials and develop new products. We travel the globe to make contact with suppliers and producers and thereby ensure that the products are of excellent quality and continued supply is guaranteed. Our good nose for trends in decorative materials has stood us well since we started trading in 1996. After in excess of twenty years of experience we dare to position ourself as a trustworthy partner.

2016 Exotics

2016 new

2016 shells and starfish

2016 Branches and twigs

2016 Handicrafts

2016 Stands and frames